MINUTES – AGM and PAC Meeting – September 17, 2020
AGM – 7:30pm – 8:15pm – Presentation attached the includes materials below

Year in Review – included in presentation

Financial Status Update – included in presentation

Plans / Focus for the upcoming year – to be discussed more at PAC Meeting, how do we provide positive experiences for all kids at the school during this pandemic

Nominations for Executive Positions – Nominations were encouraged and elections will be held at the beginning of the next PAC Meeting

Current Executive Positions held:President – Nancy Neese

Vice-President – Loree Campbell

Treasurer – Carie Helm

Secretary РMandy McLean (note: maximum of 4-year term in this position has been reached, no longer eligible to have name forward for this position per Bylaws)

DPAC Rep – currently empty

  1. Call to Order – President Remarks and Welcome – 5 minutes
  2. Principal’s Report – 30 minutes
    • Safe Arrival Procedures were discussed based on a recent issue
    1. Jonathan agreed to:
      • look into the possibility of asking police to come to school ‘not in uniform’ if there is an option
      • share with VSB the sentiments from PAC regarding police presence at school
      • follow up with VSB and staff regarding a process to support children who are upset by the situation, with resources and an invitation to discuss
      • communicate with families the details about the safe arrival procedures so everyone is aware and understands
    2. School liaison officer will be reinstated
    3. Aimee C will look into safe arrivals magnets
    • What does school look like for kids right now?
      • By the end of the week, teachers will be sending home emails/notes describing the classroom and introducing themselves
      • Singing is done in cohorts, no instruments at the moment, looking into percussion
    • What will this school year look like?
      • Growth mindset for all
      • Local walking field trips and speakers
      • Virtual assemblies, hopefully student led
    • What is the protocol for kid showing symptoms at school and needing to be picked up?
      • As there are community cases, it is very important that kids who are showing symptoms at school are picked up as soon as possible. 
      • When parents receive the call, they can designate someone else to pick up, or say that they need time to figure it out and call the office back. 
      • If a child is sick at school, the school does not share this info with families. VCH shares the information when needed
    • Racism and Discrimination at school – follow up from the spring
      • VSB is holding sessions about how to be an anti-racist with administrators
      • Code of conduct will need to be updated and then will bring this to the next PAC Meeting
      • Will continue to be a standing item for PAC Meetings to see what the school is doing, and how PAC can help support
      • Jonathan will bring to the next PAC meeting the official school process for when a child has experienced racism or discrimination (whether it has been witnessed or reported)
      • For further discussion: what are other schools doing, how can we support as a PAC and for parents/guardians at the school?

The following items will be brought forward for discussion at the next PAC meeting:

  1. Treasurer’s Report – 5 minutes
  2. For Discussion – 45 minutes
    1. MTP SWAG – soft launch, full launch coming next week
    2. Conversation about Planning for 2020-2021
      1. PAC reps would like to participate in staff meeting to let them know we want to hear their ideas and how we can support them, or to be able to circulate information via email
      2. Movie Groups
      3. Gaming money for full school participation – what is possible this year?
        1. Dance Workshop
        2. Field trips
      4. MTP Day – planning and possible online auction, 50/50
      5. Parent Social?
      6. Parent workshops
    3. Library Update – Next steps
    4. PAC Website – bringing to another level
    5. MTP FIDO Committee Update