Families new to Mount Pleasant Elementary (or MTP, as we say) often have many questions about the school and how it works. Below is a list of some of the more common questions.

Is it OK for my kids to bring food with nuts or peanuts to school?

Unfortunately, not. MTP is a nut aware school; in an effort to keep our students safe, we ask all families to avoid sending food containing peanuts or tree nuts to school. 

Does the school have a website? Instagram? Facebook? 

Can any parent attend the Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meetings at MTP? 

Absolutely! All parents and caregivers of MTP students are members of the PAC and are welcome to attend meetings, which generally happen on the first Thursday of each month.

Are there before and after-school care options for the school? 

There are two options available for MTP students, the YMCA Kids Club which operates out of the school and offers care before and after school. The Kimount Club of the Boys & Girls Club on East 6th offers care after school. More information is available here

What time does school begin and end each day?

The first bell rings at 8:55am with school beginning at 9am. The day ends with a bell at 3pm. 

Does the school provide supervision in the playground before school each day?

From 8:45 to 8:55am and 3 to 3:15pm each day, there is a staff member outside the school to answer questions and assist in an emergency. At these times, children are not closely supervised and their movements on the school ground are not monitored.

How can I find out about non-instructional days and holidays when the school is closed? 

Check out the calendar on the school’s website for the most up-to-date information. 

Will my child require indoor shoes that stay at school?

It depends on their teacher. Some teachers ask families to provide a pair of indoor shoes that will be kept in the classroom that the children change into when inside. Indoor shoes help to keep the carpets and floors in the classrooms clean, especially during the fall and winter months. 

What school supplies will my child need?

MTP asks families to pay a school supply fee per child at the beginning of the school year which covers most of the supplies that your child will need. Bulk ordering supplies keeps the cost down for families and ensures that all children have the same supplies that are just what they need. 

What changes should I expect at the school given the global pandemic?

For fall 2020, parents and caregivers can expect the following:

  • If your child’s classroom has an outside door – which includes most of those on the main floor – your child will enter and exit their classroom through this door, rather than using a main door of the school. This helps the children with social distancing.
  • Parents are not able to enter the school unless they have an appointment. If you need to speak to the school secretary or principal, please call the school’s main number at 604-713-4617. If parents do need to enter the school, please wear a mask.
  • Children will be organized into learning groups and spend the majority of their time at school with these groups.