PAC Meeting –  January 14, 2021

Call to Order – President’s Remarks and Welcome – 5 minutes

Treasurer’s Report – 10 minutes

  1. Current Balances
    1. Gaming Account: $11,248.79
    2. PAC Account: $8,856.18
      1. Expenses: 
        1. Dec 10 $2,500 to support hampers for MTP families
        2. Dec 11 $171.81 wholesale payment for the reflectors
        3. Dec 22 $317.60 coffee cart for teachers & staff
          1. Suggestion to hold it on a Wednesday instead of a Friday so we can also show gratitude to part-time staff
        4. Dec 22 $42.84 book drive promotion printing
        5. Jan 5 $5,924.60 for the wholesale purchase of MTP merch
        6. Paid but cheque has not been cashed yet $476.13 for class pizza parties on last day of school before winter break


  1. $2,405.00 from MTP merch sales
    (following up with last payments, approx $500)
  2. $3,325.55 Tree Chipping proceeds
    1. Some money will be allocated to a Mobile Maker’s Space. Jonathan is reaching out to find one specific teacher to spearhead it.
    2. We will reserve some money to replenish expenses as needed
  3. Stripe Account (Reflectors  + Book Drive)
  1. Reflectors: $377.00
  2. Book Drive: $530

PAC Updates

December Events:

  1. Coffee Bike for Teachers
  2. Pizza and Movie Friday
  3. Tree Chipping
    1. Amount Raised: $3,325.55
    2. Can we allocate some funds to the Book Drive?
      1. We will wait until the end of the Book Drive to see if we need to cover any shortfalls, and decide at the next meeting 

Upcoming Events:

  1. Saleema Noon Workshops – 
    1. Date: Mon Feb 1st for parent session, Wed & Thurs Feb 3rd & 4th for the kids workshops (awaiting confirmation from Saleema Noon)
      1. Option 1 Package 
        1. Parent Zoom Session
        2. Zoom Session for children, age-appropriate
    2. *Brought forward from previous conversation: Do we need to provide a waiver form/infosheet for parents? Does the company provide this? Do parents have the option to have their child not participate? This will be handled by Saleema Noon’s company.
      1. An info package goes out to parents
    3. Date TBD – Week of February 8, 2021 – pending Jonathan’s approval
  2. Book Drive for Diversity Update
    1. Update
      1. It’s still possible to buy at Pulp Fiction, there are two weeks left until it finishes, so forward the website to any family members/friends who might want to contribute
    2. Emphasizing Web donation vs. going to Pulp Fiction
    4. Increments of $5, $10, $25, $50
  1. Parent Social – Mandy Lead – February Date options
    1. Thursday, February 18th – virtual/online parent social  
  2. MTP Day – planning and possible online auction and 50/50 – subcommittee?
    1. We’re looking into a mostly online event 
      1. If interested in the subcommittee, reach out to the PAC exec
  1. Teacher Appreciation Lunch (to bring forward)
    1. Lauren, Kathryn and Mike will put together some ideas and send out an email about having some goods delivered to the teachers’ room 
  2. Dance PL3Y
    1. Hip-hop workshop that we have done in past years, we’re waiting to hear from the school 
    2. We discussed the possibility of renting tents or hand washing stations for the instructors – we are still waiting to gage interest and feasibility from the school

For Discussion – 60 minutes

  1. MTP FIDO Committee Update 
    1. – Kirk update on signage.
      1. The signs have been finalized and will be put up shortly 
      2. The FIDO Committee has been posting on the Nextdoor app reaching out to dog owners in the neighbourhood
      3. Planning to try to engage with dog owners and help make them part of the solution
      4. All parents are encouraged to call 311 or use Vanconnect app – the more reports we have, the more frequent the visits from Animal Control
      5. If you keep track of the 8 digit number and send it to the committee they are trying to gather them as evidence
    2. Megan suggests trying to connect with the Mount Pleasant dog owners group
  2. Option 4 Students
    1. Allison update:
      1. 12-13 students who are option 4 
      2. Families had a meeting with Jonathan in December and came up with a 7 point ask
        1. The ask was sent out to school trustees and others
        2. 20th of January at 6:30 – contact Allison if interested in attending with her
  3. Anti-Racism Sub Committee
    1. Group of Parents who can work with Staff but also on their own to provide resources, information, recommendations to PAC to support our school community, can work with PAC budget for ‘human library’ and resources for school and students
    2. So far one parent has emailed expressing interest, any others please contact Mike to connect everyone up.
  4. Library Update 
    1. Miss Pendry is waiting on a quote through the VSB for 5 tables that can be used as whiteboards – adjustable in height
    2. Different seating options
    3. Our previous principal was trying to create the library as a “Learning Commons” – a modular, adjustable space
    4. The process is very slow as all purchases need to be made from VSB approved sources (no Ikea)
  5. Vancouver City Planner Work 
    1. The School Active Travel Planning team will be providing an update at the Feb PAC meeting regarding the School Active Travel Planning (SATP) Program and St. George Rainway Project. Thanks to Laura for organizing!
      1. The COV is willing to do a short presentation in our next meeting in February to give us information about walkability/rideability of the neighbourhood
      2. At the next meeting they want to give us the plan regarding the SATP
  6. How do we increase parent engagement in the time of Covid?
    1.  How do we reach out to parents who struggle with engagement due to barriers around technology, resources, shift work, language or other things that get in the way of participating? In what ways can we still participate as a community around our kids school? 
  7. School Policy on Needles
Action ItemPeople involved
Ask Jonathan to put a link to the MTP PAC mailing list/website in the next email outMike
Refresher for students on “What to do when you find needles”Mandy