NOTES/ACTIONS – PAC Meeting – 7:30pm – 9:30pm

  1. AGM Follow Up Business 
    1. Nominations for Executive Positions – Nominations were encouraged and the following names were brought forward for election.
      1. Executive Positions:
        1. President – Mandy McLean
        2. Vice-President – Loree Campbell
        3. Treasurer – Carie Helm
        4. Secretary – Michael Elkoussy
        5. DPAC Rep – Aimee Chan – will be brought forward as she was not present to accept the nomination
  2. Call to Order – President’s Remarks and Welcome – 5 minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report – 5 minutes
    1. Current Balances:
      1. Gaming Account: $6,208.79
      2. PAC Account: $12,525.21
    2. Draft Budget 2020-2021:
      1. Total Anticipated Revenue for this year: $10,840.00
      2. Total Projected Expenses: $20,000.00
      3. Projected Balance as of June 30, 2021: $9,574.00
  4. For Discussion – 60 minutes
    1. MTP Store – lots of great response, open until October 15th 
    2. Reflectors – Michael and Allison working on this, will be available for order through our MTP website (to open after MTP Swag Store closes)
    3. Conversation about Planning for 2020-2021
      1. PAC reps (Mandy and Nancy) will attend Teacher Meeting Thursday, October 29th from 12pm – 12:47 to let them know our plans for the year and to encourage them to bring their ideas forward 
      2. Planning for Year – PAC discussed options and ideas for the school year that would give students a ‘normal’ experience and would be available to all students so that Gaming money could be used. 
        1. Confirmed decisions for 2020-2021 school year:
          1. Hip Hop Workshop – Laura will follow up with their contact to see what is possible during this time
          2. Saleema Noon Workshops – Sexual Health Educators – Loree will follow up to confirm timing and details
          3. Movie License and Pizza Lunch offering to every class – Teachers to decide when to have – Mandy can confirm with teachers at Teacher Meeting
          4. Petit Architect – Loree will follow up to confirm timing and details
          5. Book drive – Nancy, Celia and Carie lead, will work with Ms. Pendry to confirm list of books and set up as a Christmas Tree to help support the diversity audit of the library
          6. Author talks / Human library / Anti Racism Work – separate amount of PAC money will be ‘reserved’ and held separately from the other items above to help support this work during the year. Will bring this forward to next meeting.
      3. Other – Bring forward:
        1. MTP Day – planning and possible online auction, 50/50
        2. Parent Social?
        3. Potluck / Picnic / BBQ for Spring
        4. Parent workshops
    4. Library Update – Bring Forward
    5. PAC Website – bringing to another level – Celia and Melissa – Mandy will connect them with Michael
    6. MTP FIDO Committee Update – Bring Forward, new signs will be needed
    7. Vancouver City Planner work re: walkability of the school / neighbourhood – Bring Forward
    8. How do we increase parent engagement in the time of Covid? How do we reach out to parents who struggle with engagement due to barriers around technology, resources, shift work, language or other things that get in the way of participating? In what ways can we still participate as a community around our kids school? 
  5. Principal’s Report – 45 minutes
    1. Confirmed that K’s received the Safe Arrival magnets, if people are missing their magnet, they can ask for another one.
    2. Currently students have been given 1 mask, a second one will be distributed soon
    3. Jonathan will update the school calendar with any drills that will be anticipated so that parents are given a heads up of when they are happening so they can communicate with their children.
    4. Standing Item: Racism and Discrimination
      1. Updated Code of Conduct
      2. Present school process for when a child has experienced racism or discrimination at school (whether it was witnessed or reported)
      3. Race related conflict / bullying resolution – safe contacts defined at